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Your cleaning will be tailor made for your home and needs. For a free on-site consultation call, (608)-279-3412. 100% satisfaction or we will come back and re-clean until you are happy.

Average Working Household

Steve and Wendy both work full time and have two young children in school. They have an average size home with two bathrooms and three bedrooms. They'd prefer to spend their weekends doing fun family activities. They would like a service to come in every other week to clean the main rooms in the house. A typical rate for a biweekly cleaning is $124-148.00 per cleaning.

Working couple with pets

Troy and Gina are a working couple with a dog and a cat. They don't mind doing some work in between cleanings and wanted a service to come once a month to get into all the nooks and crannies. Their rate would fall in the range of $185-205.00 per cleaning.

Each cleaning is custom tailored to your specifications

5% Discount on your initial cleaning


All major credit cards accepted


Have a family member or friend who desperately needs their house or office cleaned and you want to give them a gift of cleaning? Pre paid Gift Certificates are available.


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